Duct cleaning for fresh and quality breathing air

Air ducts (pipes) are used in HVAC systems for air flow supply into the indoor spaces through the heating and cooling systems. According to EPA, dust in air ducts doesn’t cause great risk to the health but for good in breathing air it is necessary to clean the ducts. Duct cleaning is cleaning the components of duct system. The air duct system components include air handlers, diffusers, grills, vanes, return air ducts which receive the cool air back into the furnace and fans.  Alberta duct cleaning calgary experts help you clean the air duct which reduces the allergens and other particulate matter in the air you breathe.

Why and When to consider the air ducts to be cleaned?

We find large number of particulate pollutants, pollen, smoke from kitchen, dirt, dust from the outer air flow, insects, mites etc. in the air surrounding us. It can be cleaned by household vacuum cleaners but this settles in the duct components which are not easy to clean as they are fixed behind the walls and the return ducts of the HVAC systems account for the major accumulation of dust and duct clogging.

Consider these as the conditions that suggest immediate cleaning of your duct before it is required to replace.

  • Mostly the ducts are made of metals and can expect possible mold (fungi) growth due to the presence of moisture in the insulation duct.
  • Small insects, spiders, flies, animal dander and other debris fall on the duct surfaces.

Duct cleaning and contamination control

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Duct cleaning services are usually based on size of the HVAC system, the environment and contamination levels. Best quality guaranteed services are given by duct cleaning Calgary technicians and one can avail the benefits they provide. The expert services include-

  • Inspection of the entire duct system by opening the doors and ports before starting the cleaning process.
  • Asbestos contained materials must be checked and removed.
  • Use of high quality vacuum equipment soft brushes for cleaning fibre glass ducts.
  • Take care of carpets and other equipment inside the house.

Prevention and control is always better. So first prevent your system from contamination by regular changing of the clogged and contaminated filters, make sure to clean all the components at once, vacuum your house regularly to control the dust settlement in the system and prevent any water leakages thus the duct metal components doesn’t get wet preventing it from damage by microbial growth.

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